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we manage creative talent,

brands + unique impact events.

let us build your team, your dream

from ideation to reality.


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Guerrilla Mgmt is a brand + talent mgmt company. We manage creators, brands

+ unique impact events.  Let us build your team, your dream

from ideation to reality.


We advise + provide resources to optimize brands + projects in a high-speed, ever-changing world. We build teams, strategies + foundations for creators to optimize the many realms of the marketplace, fan-base + consumers where fresh content, new platforms, innovative ideas + most importantly integrity are keys to successful, long-standing businesses.

With over
20+ years of experience + relationships - we offer strategic planning, team development + brand resources for talent.

We partner creators, brands, authors, designers with strategic partnerships with labels, sponsors, publishers, agents,  operations crew + the much needed adult stuff like the legal + financial managers to keep budgets and growth on task fulfilling the vision of long-term successful  ventures and career. We get inspired from the street to the board room.

Our core principles are built on the belief that the brand,
creator + project with a direct, authentic connection to their fan-base + consumers is the foundation of success + longevity. We support our clients by listening to what their vision is + together develop 

a plan to reach goals in the most future-forward, provocative + collaborative manner possible.  We create campaigns + infrastructure that support the vision, smart business + financial planning needed. We are open source thinkers, collaborators, innovators,

creators, expert strategists  + top shelf managers that connect, think out of the box and get it done. 

Current Focus:

Talent Management

Connect Strategic Brand Partnerships in Wellness, Cannabis + Delic Industries.

Produce High Impact Events in Wellness, Cannabis, Music, Fashion + Innovation Industries.

Project + Brand Management.

Clients Past + Present:

TVLER, Africa In America Festival, Tim Blake, Emerald Cup, HOOP Beauty, New West Summit,

Michael Franti, Nahko, Playing For Change, Con Brio, Ca'Momi,

JaM Cellars, NRFS/Unplanned America, Panic is Perfect, Bay Area Vibez Festival, What I Be (Book) Project, WeWork,

The Vasco Era, Ginger & The Ghost, Amanda Shaw, Josh Homme, Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age, Fu Manchu,

Monster Magnet, Blue King Brown, The Dwarves, Mando Diao, Backyard Babies, The Ettes,

Spark: A Burning Man Story Album, I Know I'm Not Alone Documentary, Mister Loveless + more...

Building Brands, Events + Careers from Ideation  >  Development  >  Successful Execution.


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